The UK Health Security Agency, (UKHSA) have issued an AMBER alert with a score of 12 (see the attached), and is in effect between 08/01/2024 at 12:00 and 12/01/2024 at 12:00.
For us to take into account they advise:
General Overview – Significant impacts are probable across the health and social care sector due to forecast weather conditions, including: observed increase in mortality across the population, particularly in the 65+ age group or those with certain underlying health conditions, but impacts may also be seen in younger age groups; increased demand for remote health care services likely; internal temperatures in care settings (e.g. hospitals, care homes and primary care settings) may fall below recommended threshold for clinical risk assessment; maintaining indoor temperatures at recommended 18°c may become challenging for some, leading to increased risk of vulnerable people; staffing issues due to external factors (e.g. travel delays); other sectors may start to observe impacts (e.g. transport and energy).
Organisations providing health and social care should be aware of the advice and guidance set out in the Adverse Weather and Health Plan, as to the actions necessary before and during a Cold-Health Alert Period.
Further Advice and guidance

Do also refer to our previously issued winter weather advice here