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Please read all of the following before accessing your GoTo site for ease.

The below instructions gain you access to GoTo, the information and resource website for Delegated Services customers and also your School’s confidential area, where you will fill in forms or upload documents for Incidents, Warnings and Bannings and Off Site visits. 

GoTo is a Google based system, before you can access it you will need to be signed in to Google with the account that was supplied to you when you became a Delegated Services customer. If you cannot remember the details for this you should have an email from us with this information in. If you have lost or deleted that email please contact us.

First sign in at for best experience you need to be signed in ONLY using your dsdaedalus email address

Your sign in details will be:

Email address:

Your password will be whatever you set that to initially

Once you are signed in click to open GoTo


Please note – If “error 404” appears, that usually means there’s another Google account currently signed in on your device (you can see this at the top right of your screen – there will be an initial in a coloured circle showing who is signed in). If that’s the case, you can either:

  • Sign out of the Google account running and sign in with your sign in details (below, which are a Google account) or
  • Add a new Google user to Chrome for the account – as this is an existing Google account please use the option for “already a user? Sign in to log into Chrome” when adding the new account.The option to add a new sign in can be found by clicking on the coloured circle with the initial on the top right of the screen – at the bottom of that menu is an option called “+ Add”

You should now see the GoTo Welcome page:

The Go To site provides a wealth of resources and support tools, along with information about DS and the training and services we can provide.

The Confidential School Area of Go To (specific to your establishment) is where you can find forms for notifying us of things such as off site visits and incident reports, also your establishment’s folders (which are automatically populated with information you submit).

You are also able to upload information to these folders should you wish. 

To access the Confidential Area for your establishment click on the “Go To” logo on the Welcome Page that looks like this         ————>

You will then see a pdf link to open, and a page similar to this, where at the top right has the options specific to your needs, particularly the DS Forms tab where Incidents, Warnings and Bannings and Off site Visits are sent to us from:

Delegated Services is working really hard n the background to make access to your DS GoTo files and information much easier. New site coming soon.

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