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Our Director and Chief Executive Bill Crocker leads our work in the Education Sector and has worked in and around this sector for most of his working life.  Delegated Services has substantial experience and successful track record of working with local authority schools, academies and Multi Academy Trusts, and are market leaders in providing services to the schools sector. 

Bill initially gained a professional qualification as a General Practice Chartered Surveyor which he has retained and previously provided a successful Risk, Resilience and Wellbeing service as part of the Children and Young People’s Services Directorate, Bristol City Council, for over 10 years. The experience was extensive and incredibly varied. At the most challenging end of the spectrum and on commencing work with them, staff and pupils were hurt, reputations damaged and substantial costs incurred, including those that were uninsurable.  Bill also has the invaluable experience of being involved with court cases brought by the HSE, but was also able to work in effective partnership with education establishments and provide the best service of 50 provided to establishments by the LA for 3 consecutive years, and as verified by the audit commission who reported on the outcome of their survey findings to the Department’s senior management team. 

In parallel with the HS&W work, Bill was the Department’s lead on Emergencies and Business Continuity, not only building resilience in the Department itself, but also across the establishments being supported. This is when the 24/7 emergency telephone line was born, in recognition that schools were facing a whole range of dramatic challenges, not just in normal working hours. He represented the Department in the wider council wide response to emergencies and trained with, not only other areas of council expertise, but the blue light services, the military, NHS, utility services and the voluntary sector. 

DS prides ourself in supporting our customers through effective change and implementation of appropriate systems to meet the necessary laws and other requirements in a prioritised, proportionate and as pragmatic way as possible. Satisfaction is essential with all recognising our high levels of competence and commitment. Our subject service areas are sometimes described by leaders as the sort of thing that keeps them awake at night. We address these concerns head on and with an appropriate mix of the serious to well placed and sometimes groan worthy humour, work with individuals and teams to settle those jangling nerves and move forward positively and with confidence.

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Bill Crocker at Delegated Services
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