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Value for Money

There are a number of ways in which Delegated Services adds value to its customers. These are:

Customer Approach

Delegated Services is a relational organisation and each customer is allocated a customer contact that they can go to for advice and signposting to specialist services. Our approach is supportive whereby we come alongside our customers, and seek ways to work with them to help find solutions and encourage collaboration in decision making. 


Health and Safety is incredibly important and there can be serious consequences if you get it wrong. It is the thing that keeps Directors and Managers awake at night! Our objective is to be there when you need us and to take you on a journey to meet all your responsibilities and obligations as quickly as is feasible in the most efficient and effective way.  We don’t want you to waste time and money on implementing ineffective plans but support you to target your resources most effectively which is why, for example, we advocate face to face training which makes a lasting impact rather than quick tick box on-line training which is quickly forgotten. 


We also help you to differentiate between essential compliance and best practice.


We consider ourselves successful when you get to the stage of having robust effective systems and just need reminders, audits and a fresh pair of eyes to identify anything that has just arisen or been overlooked.  Whilst we take our work very seriously, we like to lighten the load with the injection of a little humour along the way. 

Market Sector Knowledge

Working with a large number of schools for many years is enabling us to speak with knowledge about what is happening in the schools sector and help our clients find solutions to challenges through access to resources and knowledge of how other schools and MATs that have solved the same issues. This can put schools ahead of sector trends.  Schools characteristically have a strong collective instinct so our knowledge also gives our clients the confidence to proceed with proposals knowing that other schools have successfully done the same.


Our community sector lead has worked in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire community sector for around 15 years in different roles including a VCS Infrastructure support organisation and with a large variety of community sector organisations.  Delegated Services has worked in the community/charity sector since 2014 and is now expanding its offer in that sector.  

Experience in the Sectors in Which we Work

Our staff at Delegated Services have worked in one or both of the education and community sectors in which we operate, so have personal experiences of the challenges faced. This enables genuine engagement, credibility and insight but also to make the most appropriate proposals for the implementation of our advice.  This experience gives us a good understanding of how our product design will best meet our customers’ needs and what will be deliverable in their organisation. We bring another perspective and clarity to our customers as to how best to proceed. 

Customisation of Products

Being small, Delegated Services is able to offer flexibility around the terms of service to better meet that particular customer’s needs and to demonstrate that we care. Particularly with our community customers, we have shaped the contract length around the completion of a significant phase in the development of the organisation rather than a fixed time period.

Memberships and Associations

Delegated Services holds membership of a range of industry specific technical bodies and offers a wide range of business support services for specialist areas of work through our Network Partners. This adds significant value to the services that we offer customers and differentiates us from other Health and Safety companies.

The memberships that we hold include the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Institute of Fire Safety Managers; CLEAPPs which provide advice on how to meet health and safety requirements when delivering practical science and technology in educational settings, AfPE the Association of Physical Education which supports quality teaching and how to put PE into the centre of children and young people’s lives; Emergency Planning Society for emergencies and resilience; Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and South West Cyber Resilience Centre. We use these memberships to enhance our information, resources and best practice advice and are currently expanding our offer in this area.

Network Partners

Our Network Partner services are comprehensive, increasing in numbers and areas of expertise to reflect our customer needs, and add significant value to our offer.  Our Network Partners services enable us to assist schools and community groups to access appropriate additional services more easily, quickly and can save organisations the time and cost of their own procurement. We work collaboratively to increase the benefits to the organisations we are providing services to. 

For more information on our vetting, selection and monitoring criteria, please contact us using our online form

Our Services

Get best value through a package of services tailored to suit your needs.  Unique 24/7 emergency telephone support.

Let us help you be fully complaint, identify and manage your risks and effectively train your staff at every level of your organisation.

With the UK on a “significant risk” terrorist alert, storms, power cuts, flooding and infection spread, can you afford not to have emergency plans in place?

Training and advice from a team of experts supporting you to deliver up to date, compliant safeguarding practices with trained staff.

We bring expertise and experience to support you in your leadership journey and tested, transformative wellbeing practices for your staff team.

Value for money, organisation and curriculum support from experts in their field and our sectors.

Significant costs and compliance requirements with ageing, inefficient buildings and defects, we provide comprehensive support with expert advice on hand.

Flexible, great value training and library of resources to support you to deliver your legal and compliance responsibilities to your employees, pupils and users.




Comprehensive advice, guidance, training and checking service to ensure compliance and best practice in all aspects of your planned off-site visits and residential.

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