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Leadership Support and Wellbeing Hub

Leadership Support

Delegated Services works with a team of Network Partners who provide specialist support for CEO’s, Headteachers, Senior Leaders and Managers;  

  • Leadership Support: CEO/ Director or Headteacher coaching, mentoring and counselling.
  • Senior Leadership/Management: Coaching and non-managerial supervision.
  • MAT: Governance support, development and due dilligence.
  • School Governance support, training and development for increased effectiveness.
  • Ofsted Inspection Support Package:  Pre planning, how to handle the initial phone call, during inspection telephone support (if prearranged), site attendance, support to challenge, Leadership Duty of Care Risk Assessment, end of inspection rescue support and post inspection leadership support and planning.

If you would particularly like to work with one of our Network Partners, please see their profiles here as when choosing personal support it is vital that you find the right person for you.  Geoff Mountjoy, our Board Member is an expert in MAT and educational governance and offers consultancy work to MATs, academies and schools around their governance development and due dilligence along with other members of our team and Network Partners for specific needs.

To find out more or arrange support please contact us using our online form.

To book training that is currently being delivered please go to our Training Information page.

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To view training that is currently being delivered, please head to our Training Information page.

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Wellbeing Hub

Individual or collective wellbeing for staff in organisations can be approached from different perspectives:

  • Deeply transformational organisational approaches.
  • Support to develop objective evaluation and resilience.
  • Support to heal from negative situations or a trauma.
  • Events to create a short term feel good factor such as a massage session

Delegated Services works with a team of Network Partners who bring years of experience and current research into their specialist support and training courses.  A number of our Network Partners are Trauma Informed Practitioners. 

Wellbeing Training

There is a selection of Wellbeing courses available which evolve to meet current identified needs including prevention of Compassion Stress Injury, Understanding Workplace Psychological Wellbeing, Working with Children and Young People Living with Vulnerabilities and Trauma, which can be delivered in your workplace or as a networking event. 


Please see our PDF Wellbeing Training Brochure with course details and please ask if there is any other wellbing training you are looking for.

Staff Wellbeing Framework

We can offer training in applying a deeply transformative staff wellbeing framework for organisations, which goes beyond the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive and Department for Education.  This has been designed by our Network Partner Dr Rachel Briggs, who developed her PEd around this.


Delegated Services also provides Wellbeing Policy support with the expert input of Dr Rachel Briggs and our Network Partner Catriona Mangham who provide consultancy support around organisational wellbeing.

Tools and Self Help Support for the Wellbeing of Individuals or Small Teams of Staff

As statutory services raise their thresholds for services for financial reasons , more people who would have received statutory support are no longer eligible and remain in their settings without suitable support. Our staff are then potentially more exposed to hearing about situations they find deeply upsetting and unable to deal with or change, and experience “compassion stress”.  

We are able to offer support through our Network Partners including; 

  • Wellbeing support and plans
  • Non-managerial supervision and coaching
  • Counselling
  • Menopause support
  • Cancer coaching
  • Art therapy
  • Nordic walking and general wellbeing, and

“#Always take your lunch break#” –  Michael Earle

Services that Support Our Customers' Clients

These are offered by our Network Partners and include:

  • Managing behaviour of young people and getting to the root causes
  • Sport therapy through rugby and sports
  • Play therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Parenting courses on modern day parenting approaches of teenagers

To find out more or be put in contact with a Network Partner please contact us using our online form.

To find or book training please go visis our Training Page.

Many of our Network Partners will run group sessions at your venue or at away/inservice days.

Our Services

Get best value through a package of services tailored to suit your needs.  Unique 24/7 emergency telephone support.

Let us help you be fully complaint, identify and manage your risks and effectively train your staff at every level of your organisation.

With the UK on a “significant risk” terrorist alert, storms, power cuts, flooding and infection spread, can you afford not to have emergency plans in place?

Training and advice from a team of experts supporting you to deliver up to date, compliant safeguarding practices with trained staff.

We bring expertise and experience to support you in your leadership journey and tested, transformative wellbeing practices for your staff team.

Value for money, organisation and curriculum support from experts in their field and our sectors.

Significant costs and compliance requirements with ageing, inefficient buildings and defects, we provide comprehensive support with expert advice on hand.

Flexible, great value training and library of resources to support you to deliver your legal and compliance responsibilities to your employees, pupils and users.




Comprehensive advice, guidance, training and checking service to ensure compliance and best practice in all aspects of your off-site visits and residentials.

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