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Business and Curriculum/Activity Support

Delegated Services is about providing high quality, relevant and value for money support to schools and community sector organisations. We respond to needs, when they arise for both sectors, such as the recently identified issue of falling pupil numbers in primary schools and increased competition between schools to maintain pupil numbers and core income. In Bristol, we have seen an increase in knife crime amongst young people this year and have responded with our offer of Network Partners who are specialists in behaviour and de-escalation in crisis situations

Delegated Services develops support to respond to situations such as the Covid Risk Assessment which tracked the latest advice or our recent Ofsted package which includes a Leadership Duty of Care Risk Assessment. This area of work is constantly evolving and currently we have the following areas of support for our organisations/schools to deliver their work and for the curriculum or activities:

Organisational Support for Both Sectors

Mandy Parry – Safeguarding and vulnerable adults, consultancy, audit and training

Schools Pro TLC – GDPR specialists (Charity and Education sectors): Audit, advice, training and DPO role.

Liz Grazier – Legal support, SEN Issues, Disability, Admissions and Exclusions, Contracts and Other Disputes

Kathy Brown – Mediation/ Dispute Resolution/ SEND support

Chris Turner – PR and Marketing (Digital), Digital Audit and Reputational Damage Limitation

Milstead Langdon – Accountancy Services, Audit and Personal Finance

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School Strategic Support

David Potter – Ofsted, School Improvement, Headteacher Appraisals, Recruitment and Management Investigations

Geoff Mountjoy – Governance Specialist, MAT Development, Ofsted, Due Diligence, Chair Support

Andrew Steward – School Improvement at Primary and Secondary level, Staff Development, Ofsted Preparation, Accredited in C-Me Psychometric Profiling, NPQ Suite, ECF and Pupil Premium Reviewer

Joanne Bradshaw – Change Management, Organisational Development, CEO Support

Sue Dix – Experienced and Qualified Interim Business Manager /Absence Cover

Wellbeing – A number of experts offering organisational wellbeing frameworks, advice, assessment, training and non-managerial supervision. See our offer here

Leadership Support – A number of experienced coaches offering leadership support here

Curriculum and Activity Support for Both Sectors

Lucy Wyatt – H&S and PE Curriculum Advice, Risk Assessment Training, Accident Investigation and Reporting, Safer Recruitment, CDM and other training

Claire Leheup– Educational/ Off-site Visits, Trips and Residentials for schools and community organisations.

Rhys Thomas – DATA Accredited Design and Technology Consultant and Registered Health and Safety in CDT

Click to see the profiles of each of these Network Partners. To find out more or access these services, please contact Delegated Services using our online form.

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Get best value through a package of services tailored to suit your needs.  Unique 24/7 emergency telephone support.

Let us help you be fully complaint, identify and manage your risks and effectively train your staff at every level of your organisation.

With the UK on a “significant risk” terrorist alert, storms, power cuts, flooding and infection spread, can you afford not to have emergency plans in place?

Training and advice from a team of experts supporting you to deliver up to date, compliant safeguarding practices with trained staff.

We bring expertise and experience to support you in your leadership journey and tested, transformative wellbeing practices for your staff team.

Value for money, organisation and curriculum support from experts in their field and our sectors.

Significant costs and compliance requirements with ageing, inefficient buildings and defects, we provide comprehensive support with expert advice on hand.

Flexible, great value training and library of resources to support you to deliver your legal and compliance responsibilities to your employees, pupils and users.




Comprehensive advice, guidance, training and checking service to ensure compliance and best practice in all aspects of your off-site visits and residentials.

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