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2024 is the year we are expecting Martyn’s Law terrorism Bill to pass parliament. This will affect the education and charity sector.  Are you ready?  We can help.

The Bill will apply widely and across a range of organisations including schools, charities, community groups and places of worship who are responsible for publicly accessible locations and where qualifying activities take place.

The legislation, which was initially called the Protect Duty, will ensure that the safety and security of public venues is improved as a direct response to the terror attack at Manchester Arena on the night of 22 May 2017, where 22 people were killed. An update on progress of this Bill was made in November 2023: Martyn’s Law Factsheet  – Home Office in the media (

Venues and outdoor spaces with a capacity of 800 or more will have enhanced responsibilities. Those who have control of the premises, usually the operator or occupier, with a capacity of 100 or more which also meet the other criteria will have standard responsibilities and all places of worship will have responsibilities. The government will now consult on standard responsibilities to ensure that they are proportionate.  When the consultation has concluded the Bill introduced to Parliament as soon as parliamentary time allows.  For more information, support and training to get ready please contact Delegated Services using our online form.

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