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The Coroner of the enquiry into the death of Ruth Perry ruled that an Ofsted inspection contributed to her death, and added that there is a “risk of future deaths if there is only lip service paid to learning from tragedies like this”.  Inspections were paused before Christmas and Ofsted and the Department for Education have until February 7 to tell the coroner what actions they will take over her concerns about school inspections. Martyn Oliver, the new chief inspector of education in England has pledged to launch an inquiry into Ofsted’s involvement in the death of Ruth Perry following the Coroner’s ruling and a “prevention of future deaths” notice. Inspections will not proceed until staff receive “immediate training and support” on alleviating the stress put on teachers during inspections, with only emergency safeguarding visits going ahead when schools reopen in January.

Delegated Services is offering an extended service around how to prepare for and manage an Ofsted inspection to achieve a good outcome.  David Potter and Geoff Mountjoy bring with them years of school improvement experience and David was formerly an Ofsted inspector which has been proven to be beneficial in Ofsted inspections.   Delegated Services has also updated our Duty of Care Risk Assessment which takes into account the best practice in looking after staff.  To find out more or arrange support please email:

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