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DS Training course booking and cancellation policy

At DS we understand that occasionally things come up beyond your control. We will endeavour to re-arrange a booking to a different time and date where possible, but do need to bring to your attention the DS Booking & Cancellation policy which is as follows:




When booking your training course{s}, please note that you will be invoiced straight away & prompt payment is required, which will guarantee your booking{s}.



If you need to cancel the course for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please use this form to cancel your course, we will reply to confirm cancellation.

If you have not heard that your cancellation has taken place within 48 hours please contact us by phone.


• We reserve the right to apply the following cancellation charges:

• More than 30 days* notice of cancellation: NIL

• Between 17-30 days* notice of cancellation: 50% of course fee payable

• Less than 17 days* notice: 100% of course fee payable

* “days” are defined as term-time days only, but do include weekends and bank holidays that fall within term-time.

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