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Article - Mandy Perry

Our Network Partner and Safeguarding Expert Mandy Parry advises...

We strongly advise that our customers read the full article in their Delegated Services Customer Portal but we have summarised the headings of the article here.  They key mistakes are:


    1. Not making proportionate decisions; over checking is not legal
    2. Not understanding “regulated activity”.
    3. Not understanding DBS certificates and what to do with them.
    4. Continuing to check for “disqualification by association” but not checking for “disqualification from childcare”.
    5. Overdoing the Single Central Record in schools.
    6. Checking all volunteers as if they are all in “regulated activity”.
    7. Routine checking of existing staff.
    8. Over checking visitors and staff from other settings

    If you would like a Safeguarding Audit or advice from our Network Partner Mandy Parry or advice from Lucy Wyatt on Safer Recruitment, please contact Delegated Services by using our online form

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